Shared Ownership

At a fraction of the cost of acquiring your own aircraft, you can now purchase a share in a private jet through the ImperialJet Equity Program. A true first in private aviation, the Program Member is able to take advantage of all of the financial, administrative and operational benefits associated with aircraft ownership whilst gaining access to our entire fleet at a predictable monthly cost.

Each 25% share guarantees 180 hours of usage per year: ‘Occupied Hours’ – only when you are on-board the aircraft or ‘All Hours’ – a lower hourly rate to include any aircraft repositioning required to or from your home base.

Offering an equivalent hourly rate up to 40% less than the current charter market, the ImperialJet Equity Program provides consistency, value and guaranteed availability.

As a fully turn-key ownership solution, we take care of all the hassles associated with day to day operation of your asset. One call to our 24/7 Customer Relations team is all it takes to book your flight with us.