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ImperialJet Now ARGUS Gold Rated

ImperialJet are proud to become the latest private jet operator to be ARGUS Gold rated. ARGUS is an independent rating system for aircraft operators that considers the operational history and track record of each operator.

ImperialJet ARGUS GOLD

The ARGUS safety rating system is well-known globally and uses a number of tools to formulate each operator’s rating which include:

  • In-depth historical safety¬†analysis.
  • Current aircraft fleet.
  • Pilot background check.
  • Aircraft operational control validation.

ARGUS private jet charter operator ratings are the industry’s most respected and recognised symbol of the highest quality operators around the world.

The safety of our operations is embedded within the corporate culture at ImperialJet. ARGUS Gold demonstrates that we exceed the regulatory standards compared with our industry peers.

Read more about Safety & Quality at ImperialJet.

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