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De-icing Costs Now Included For All Flights This Winter

Now that the busy and successful summer season has drawn to a close, ImperialJet are delighted to announce that all flights booked this winter season will be fully inclusive of de-icing charges.

As the cost of de-icing can be unpredictable and is usually not known until after each flight is completed, we look forward to making the booking process this winter as convenient as possible.

Private jet de-icing

With a minimum additional cost of approx. EUR 1,000 for one of midsize jets up to around EUR 10,000 for our heavy jets during the harshest of winter conditions, plan ahead with certainty this winter and book with ImperialJet.

Plan your next flight here or call our Charter Team on +49 811 99 88 6315 (24 hours a day) for a tailored proposal.

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